Tinder to find local artists and reactivate the citizens creativity.

Artur is a Tinder to find cool artworks based on your tastes. Artur.art is a free website that offers custom art pieces to elevate home decoration in a meaningful way through an authentic connection with the artist for painting our biggest inspirations in an aesthetic way.

Montreal – arr. Ville-Marie, QC, Canada, 11th Sep 2023 –

Co-create art in a fun way

Based on the painting the user loved the most, discuss with the “top 3” of local artists to make them create a new painting or mural that includes our personal story.

Why does ARTUR offer custom art ?

In a mass-produced art world, finding pieces that truly resonate with our personal path can be challenging. In the madness of fast consumption, we don’t take the time to settle our thinking, our inspiration, and our imagination. Imagining painting is a good time to ask ourselves deep philosophical questions before starting.

Brands ask themselves existential questions and share their answers to sell us pre-made morals. It’s the time to find and paint the answers we have found for ourselves.

Artur connects people with passionate artists who craft one-of-a-kind works from personal inspirations and emotions.

  • Democratization:

Art has been held hostage like a war chest, its codes of understanding privatized by the financial elites.

Imagine direct dialogue with an artist who understands your vision, co-creating art that speaks to your heart and soul. Artur is more than buying art; it’s collaboration.

  • Fun, Fast & A.I. augmented:

The algorithm we built helps art enthusiasts to discover artists that fit the tastes of the user faster than anything else. During the account creation phase, you’ll choose a hat related to your tastes which will help the A. I for showing you the best matches. You can 4 sketches generated by prompt masters to help you define your composition for free.

How does it work ?

Step 1: Swipe artwork and click on the heart when the person have a crush. Base the project on the favorite artwork you found, and add your colors, ideas, and drams in your project description to make the artist understand what he/she needs to produce.

Step 2: Discover your top artists section, and compare their styles and services. Start a conversation with the artists of your top.
Choose their reference works and personal inspirations to create the perfect custom art piece.

Step 3: Select the size to get x4 free sketches. The work comes with a free estimate of the project. Then when you validate the order you can directly discuss it with the artist.

Media Contact

Organization: Artur

Contact Person: Dorian Verdier

Website: https://artur.art/

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: 5149999611

Address: 163 Rue Saint-Paul O

City: Montréal – arr. Ville-Marie

State: QC

Country: Canada

Release Id: 1109236282

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