Stress Management Techniques, Mental Wellbeing Improvement Guide Launched

The new landing page, aptly called “How to manage stress?”, guides individuals on proper stress management. Contrary to popular belief, stress is a necessary emotion that keeps individuals alive. However, it can become harmful when it is continually experienced at a high degree. Chronic stress triggers a multitude of physiological responses in the body, not least of which is the overproduction of cortisol. Elevated levels of cortisol can damage the immune system, making individuals more vulnerable to disease.

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As part of the release of its latest resource, 29K has also added three stress management courses that are available through its app, one each tackling meaning-making in a crisis, dealing with stress, and coping with crisis. The courses are intended to help individuals understand the tell-tale signs of chronic unhealthy stress, such as muscle tension, loss or increase of appetite, constant feeling of irritation, increased anxiety, and unexplained fatigue, among other things.

If a person is suffering from chronic stress, it is important that they take immediate steps to manage it. 29K explains that stress occurs when the demands and expectations of a certain situation far exceed the perceived resources available. The goal then is to adjust or clarify the demands and expectations to reduce the amount of stress felt.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to realistically rank priorities, according to 29k. The mental health specialist encourages individuals to take a deep breath and objectively consider all the tasks that need to be accomplished and when. Stressed individuals often do not know where to start, which creates a vicious cycle. As such, 29K recommends creating a to-do list that ranks each task as either important, urgent or a combination of the two.

The new landing page also elaborates on other simple and powerful stress management techniques, such as setting clear boundaries, reducing interruptions, and taking real breaks.

29K is an open-sourced nonprofit that offers psychological tools for mental health, inner development, and civic leadership at no cost. The group believes that individuals can make more informed decisions about their health when they are given the proper resources. The app is a scalable solution that enables lasting personal development.

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