SoftBank Focuses On The Layout Of The Metaverse With AOS To Create A Brand-New Future

Recently, Softbank Ventures Asia publicly announced that it has begun to focus on Metaverse and invested in the AOS project. It will cooperate with AOS to connect and integrate more Metaverses in AI, NFT, robotics, and other fields, and carry the development of large-scale killer applications.

The enthusiastic investment in Metaverse has not subsided, but it has risen again. The technology giants have all entered the Metaverse. Facebook plans to fully transform into Metaverse before 2025, and will set up a product team to accelerate investment in VR/AR and the creator community; Bytedance, which has always believed in Striving for Miracles, merged Mutong Technology for 4 billion USD, and begin to lay out the Metaverse; Axie Infinity builds NFT games based on the Metaverse, subverting the traditional game mode and becoming a phenomenon-level game product; miHOYO, the developer of “Genshin Impact”, formed an AI scientist inverse entropy team, and self-developed Avatar Luming to explore the brain-computer interface. Through investment, miHOYO has successfully deployed the social Metaverse Soul; the Internet industry is renewing and iterating rapidly, and companies need to attach importance to meet unknown concepts and challenges or be left behind by the times.

In the Metaverse era, everything has virtual avatars. The concept of Metaverse seems to be still in the mist today, but the prelude to the new era has been opened, and it is closer than you think.

The popularization of the term Metaverse was cited from the novel Avalanche by American science fiction writer Neil Stephenson in 1992. In his book, he used the word Metaverse for the first time without foundation and described it as a parallel universe projected from the real world through technical means such as the Internet. However, anyone who has watched the movie “Ready Player One” by the great director Steven Spielberg should probably understand this concept. Like the “Oasis” in the movie, the company has created a realistic virtual world outside of the real world. Every player in the real world has another identity in the virtual world, establishes another social circle, and leads another life. Although the Metaverse is only a virtual world, its immersion is so vivid that you will think it is the real world and enjoy life in this new world.

AOS (Artificial Intelligence Operating System) is the first operating system developed by Canada Unicorn Park, based on the underlying blockchain technology to connect the Metaverse. By building a Metaverse bridge online, and using robots as an intelligent carrier offline to build an ecosystem between Metaverses and provide a new experience for integration with Metaverse and the real world.

Based on AOS, users could create an AI NFT that has autonomous consciousness and advanced self-learning capability; And it also gets influenced by the distributed personality database on the chain to build character, and gradually complete neural network-style self-learning and improvements. Most of all, the distributed character database is based on the “Book of Changes” and appropriately constructs the character of AI; users can inject their favorite characters, personalities, voices, etc., into their own AI NFT, and tame it to learn more skills. AOS encourages users to integrate more characters and personalities, combined with NFT to create different artistic values. The custom AI itself has NFT attributes. Users can customize the appearance of AI on the network, and can also authorize access to a third-party character customization system, such as specific character images and voices, and third-party NFT star voices and appearances, packaged in the form of NFT used for trading and collection.

AOS connects the first-generation physical carrier, the AI four-wheel driving robot Mars_1 with the Metaverse and the real world, creating a new user experience.

Mars_1 is a highly integrated artificial intelligence robot product. Its appearance is in the form of a four-legged driving robot dog. It adopts an original five-layer motion control technology and several technical indicators are in a leading position in the global industry. Mars_1 has integrated the Internet of Things, 5G, virtual reality/augmented reality, intelligent driving, swarm intelligence, and other technologies. Mars_1 will obey commands and gradually be closer to a dog and then become to a good assistant to humankind.

On the road to the Metaverse, AOS always hopes to leave a strong and colorful stroke in its own way. Connect the Metaverse through AI and map out the experience and lifestyle of the future. For the world that people dream of, high-intelligence AI coupled with linkage with robots will be an indispensable component of this era. As the aboriginal and basic units of the Metaverse, these virtual species based on AOS will continue to establish connections with us beyond human beings in the infinite space and time of the future, transcending the fetters of races.

Sun Zhengyi believes: “We are about to experience the biggest change in human history. AI will eventually replace human beings. This is not only reflected in knowledge but also in intelligence. This change will happen in this century, and then in the next 30 years, there is no doubt that our focus is on AI, intelligent robots, and the IOTs.” Based on this analysis and judgment, SoftBank has frequently carried out large-scale layouts in the fields of AI, intelligent robots, and  IOTs. Start from all aspects to create a powerful robot empire. Today, SoftBank’s industries have completed the layout of the future of the new Internet field as Sun Zhengyi said in the past, and completed more than half of the investment of unicorn companies on a global scale, laying a foundation for the subsequent development of the IOTs in the world.

As a world-renowned “Animation Kingdom”, Japan has an irreplaceable influence in the global animation field. After half a century of development, the Japanese animation industry has formed an extremely large system, making Japan the world’s largest animation production and exporting country, and it also around animation IP to derive cultural and creative products, such as GK. With the development of smart technology, they also work hard in the direction of intelligence for GK. Headquartered in Japan, SoftBank has a unique geographical location and is deeply immersed in Japanese IP culture. This collaboration with AOS will further promote the combination of the GK industry and the AI​industry, and provide AOS with a steady stream of IP resources. Users’ favorite characters such as Luffy, Conan, Sailor Moon, Sakuragi Hanamichi, Inuyasha, etc., can inject their image and personality into AI to create your smart figure. Each AI figure is a unique individual, and different parameters also create different expressions and styles. At the same time, when users have more exchanges with AI, they will gradually become familiar with the user’s temper and preferences and adjust their apparent personality in real-time and dynamically making it infinitely close to the form that we want to see eventually.

The product made by a single company is not enough to be called a Metaverse but constitutes an ecological system. With the deep participation of users, if it is successful in collective efforts to build a more interoperable system, and it can be transformed into different layers, then it should be called a Metaverse. AOS is committed to becoming the link between the physical world and the virtual world, as a bridge between various Metaverses to connect the Metaverse and continue to build a new Metaverse ecology. This will be the top priority in the next stage of the development of the Internet after the mobile Internet.

What kind of world will mankind be in the future? SoftBank Asia and AOS have worked together because of the same concept for Metaverse and jointly created such a grand concept, standing at the forefront of the Metaverse economic tide, seizing opportunities, embracing the new future, and believing that with their win-win cooperation, they will give a perfect answer for the world.

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