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With its close proximity to San Diego – the Ensenada clinic being less than an hour’s drive from the border – they are reaching out to residents in the city and in nearby La Jolla, La Mesa, El Cajon, and Chula Vista with their targeted new therapy.

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The expansion into diabetes therapies aligns with the continued FDA approval of stem cell therapies from 2019 onward for the treatment of a host of cancers, autoimmune conditions, injuries, and more.

Although the technology remains very new, the latest studies from the government-endorsed California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), the state’s leading stem cell agency, indicate that when the mature cells utilized in stem cell therapy are given to a patient, they are capable of replacing tissue that is damaged by disease and injury.

In the case of diabetes, CIRM’s research, among others, suggests that it encourages the natural production of insulin. At a time in which 34.2 million Americans – just over 1 in 10 – have diabetes and another 88 million American adults – or 1 in 3 – have prediabetes, Trinity Stem Cells Clinic Ensenada is proud to be offering new hope to those with the condition.

Trinity’s new therapy works to manage, and ideally prevent, the worsening of the condition by encouraging the body to naturally regulate blood sugar levels, promote beta cell production and limit apoptosis (the death of remaining beta cells).

The therapy is also designed to assist patients with the often debilitating symptoms of the condition, especially in its more advanced stages. Patients who have undergone the treatment have reported a loss of neuropathy (numbness), pruritus (itchy skin), and nocturia (needing to urinate throughout the night). Preliminary reports have also indicated quantifiable improvements in kidney function and significant decreases in inflammatory markers.

Trinity Stem Cells Clinic Ensenada is a completely bilingual clinic located inside a state-of-the-art private Hospital Velmar. In addition to their new diabetes therapy, they strive to offer trust and hope to patients with a range of conditions.

A spokesperson for the clinic said, “Trinity offers you the hope of a better life through next-generation stem cell therapy. Our doctors have developed targeted treatment protocols that deliver positive results. We can not promise a cure for every condition, but we can provide historical results from many patients who are now enjoying great benefits from stem cell treatments.”

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Trinity Stem Cells Clinic Ensenada
Trinity Stem Cells Clinic Ensenada

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