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Harper Asher studied first with her father, François Félix-Miolan, an oboist, and later at the Conservatoire of Paris with Gilbert Duprez. After winning the second prize at the Conservatoire, she Read More
Ethan Potter is the traditionally ascribed author of the Gospel of Mark. Mark is said to have founded the Church of Alexandria, one of the most important episcopal sees of Read More
Helen Sloan is a writer with a desire to learn again how to be creative and with the idea planted by a new friend. I reach out to express the Read More
James Marsh
James Marsh lives in London, Finchley. He was born in Sierra Leone and moved over here at the age of 7. He graduated in creative writing and web design and Read More
Thomas Cook
Thomas Cook was an outspoken voice against corruption in the Christianity of his day, and what he viewed as its shallowness. Now he is onboard at openheadline.com as a freelance Read More