NFT + game, an economic revolution in the field of game finance

A spring of NFT is coming in 2021!

The world’s first tweet, sold for $2.916 million.  The NBA “highlight” of Lebron James and others sold for over $230 million. Digital artist Beeple’s NFT work “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” sold at Christie’s for $69.34 million. Justin Blau’s music album was also sold for $12 million through NFT.

The emergence of NFT, a non-homogenized token with the ability to help verify the authenticity of assets, has become a huge wave in the crypto world. Therefore, it is increasingly becoming eager to be applied to a wider range of economic life. In particular, the large number of gamers buying and using NFT in the gaming market has revealed the potential of combining NFT with the gaming market.

NFT is naturally adapted to the gaming industry, efficiently empowering the economic revolution in the field of gaming finance! As we know, NFT for art and collectibles of the uniqueness of the proof and confirmation is an important reason for its great popularity in this field. Whether it’s art, collectibles or music, they are all niche markets. Industry pioneers with a long-term vision will find the limitations of their development, and will also find that games, which are naturally able to match the non-homogeneous properties of NFT, are a high-dimensional fusion. In particular, a project like StarPalace, which is dedicated to solving the NFT game barrier, may be more able to get market recognition. 

As the NFT fever continues to explode, the infrastructure continues to be built and improved, and the integration of games and NFT will bring transformative development space. StarPalace has made a bold breakthrough attempt in NFT+games, entertainment aggregation, asset circulation and community building, creating a new closed-loop ecosystem with underlying technical support and coordinated development with the upper matrix architecture. StarPalace being a complete game ecology, providing rich functions for both game developers and players. This includes a focus on facilitating the free flow of digital assets; while also attempting to feed the creation of quality content through efficient human-to-human collaboration between communities.

Of course, with our breakthrough attempts in the NFT + game industry, it also makes more people realize that games, in the foreseeable future, are almost the track that must be chosen for the development of the NFT field. 

Even pigs can fly when placed against the wind, so with what can take the rapid fast lane?

Professional game products as well as development teams are in the minority, but the reason for the delay in entering the field is simply that the consideration and questioning of the new model is greater than our vision of him, which means that we are still facing a great obstacle at present.  First, the monopoly of large companies, traditional game developers want to transform NFT game entry no way, especially in the face of the blockchain industry entry threshold is high, costing more;. Secondly, the high cost of entry for web NFT game players, no new player traffic, while the blockchain industry faces a relatively narrow player difficult to generalize and promote;. Finally, players are in a dilemma: it is difficult to find fun NFT games and difficult to circulate game assets.

The biggest advantage of StarPalace is the attempt to promote the evolution of NFT market to better scale in terms of technology, circulation, application and user volume, solve the integration of traditional games and NFT, and let the three parties, game – user – investor, dock peer-to-peer through an open ecological environment to further realize the value of breaking the circle. 

StarPalace adopts a mature technology solution that has been universally proven and tested in practice for a long time. With the excellent characteristics of Ethernet, the platform can provide smart contracts with high processing capacity and low latency data services. In the future, it can support millions of users, easily achieve bug recovery and upgrade, and good scalability.

Meanwhile, StarPalace has a very solid team base, with most of its members having worked in global top-tier game development companies and projects, many of whom have participated in developing and managing several major game projects, and have experience in co-developing game engines and developing large-scale MMO online games.  From the bottom game engine development to the upper layer using H5 Egret, unreal, cryEngine, unity and ogre development end game and hand game market are very familiar, with a wealth of R & D experience and strong technical accumulation.  The solid technical foundation of the team provides sufficient technical guarantee for the realization of StarPalace’s strategic vision. In the future, the third vector, mainly economy and community, will be created in addition to the vertical vector including function and content and the horizontal vector including genre, theme and platform of online games. Blockchain game with financial model as the core is a huge opportunity for the game industry to combine with finance. starPalace has the heart of change In addition, we try to reshape the way of collaboration and benefit distribution among the relevant stakeholders in the game industry, including game players, development teams, distribution teams and investors. StarPalace will start a revolution in the financial sector of NFT+Games.

 The future is here, let’s wait and see!

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