New Year’s Resolutions Across the UK in 2024

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In the second month of 2024, many are still looking ahead, making plans for the remainder of the year, and working towards health, financial and career plans and goals.

New Year's resolutions, with roots tracing back to historical and religious origins, have evolved into a universal catalyst for positive change. In a nod to historical customs, modern-day resolutions have evolved, focusing on self-improvement and prioritising a more balanced lifestyle.

An analysis of these resolutions across generations and regions has been summarised by online bingo site, Heart Bingo, which has been looking at results from surveys on New Years resolutions in the UK for 2024 from reputable sources.

Are there generational trends in making resolutions?

Examining New Year's resolutions across generations reveals a notable pattern: the likelihood of making resolutions decreases with age. In 2023, 23% of Generation Z expressed their intent to set resolutions, while the figures gradually declined among older generations, reaching only six percent for those over 50.

England has a clear focus on health-related resolutions

Doing more exercise or improving my fitness was the top pick for poll takers in England, with 56% of respondents opting for this resolution.

Losing weight came in second at 49% and third place Eating healthier (43%) summarises the results with a clear health focus for 2024 in England.

Below is a comparison between England, Wales and Scotland:

Doing more exercise or improving fitness: England 56%, Wales 71%, Scotland 52%

Improving diet: England 43%, Wales 33%, Scotland 41%

Cutting down on drinking: England 12%, Wales 23%, Scotland 8%

Giving up smoking: England 6%, Wales 14%, Scotland 5%

Regional Contrasts: Scotland

Another popular focus area has historically been to save more money for the new year, which was the highest priority in Scotland, with as many as 61% picking this as their top resolution. There is no surprise that Doing more exercise or improving fitness is the second pick, although this is a bit lower when compared to the rest of the UK, but Improving my diet comes in at a third place, on par with the other nations.

Wales: A Standout Commitment to Health in 2024

Wales emerges as a health-conscious nation, setting a record-high with 71% pledging to focus on fitness routines and workouts for 2024. When it comes to alcohol consumption and smoking habits, the Welsh population appears more committed to positive changes, with twice as many respondents planning to cut down on drinking or quit smoking compared to England and Scotland.

Generations and Regions Behind Diverse Outcome for 2024

In summary, as the UK embraces 2024, New Year's resolutions reflect a blend of generational and regional priorities, showcasing a diverse tapestry of hopes and aspirations across the UK. This diversity underscores the dynamic nature of the UK, where individuals, influenced by their generational outlooks and regional contexts, contribute to a collective vision for self-improvement and positive change.


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