$MichelinArmy is the first blockchain token in the catering industry, Nicknamed the DOGEFOOD COIN

$MichelinArmy is a community driven and fair launch token that thrives on memes.

$MA is fully decentralized and owned by community.

We will gradually bring together top chefs from all over the world. More and more starred restaurants will join us. If you like food, join us with no hesitation. Let’s create a unique restaurant industry legend together. 

Wherever you are, whatever your country, whatever your ethnicity, food is key to our lives. What happens if you combine blockchain and the catering industry? The MicheliArmy was created by a group of top chefs who enjoy life. We are bringing blockchain to life, combining it with food and aspiring to build a new future for all of us. We have a committed team and a strong social network. Join us and build our new future together.

In order to ensure sustainable price growth of the $MA token, we combine several the most advanced mechanism in the crypto-currency market. 

1. Every time a transaction occurs on the $MA chain, investors with a wallet balance greater than 1,500,000,000,000 $MA will be eligible for a lottery style draw.

2. The liquidity pool is self-growing.

3. 4% of each transaction is redistributed to token holders.

4. Carnival Moment: Every 4 hours, there will be a carnival moment double the probability of receiving a draw!

5. $MA Staking: You can participate in staking by purchasing MA.

6. 2% of each transaction burns which creates strong supply side pressure for price growth.

7. Lucky Doge: One lucky player will be selected every 4 hours to receive a give away of 0.05% token bonus.

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