How to realize the unity of ten thousand chains in the public chain of CTC?

Looking back on the development of block chain, from the 1.0 era represented by BTC, to the 2.0 era represented by ETH, and to the 3.0 era now represented by EOS, we can see that the history of encrypted currency is actually the history of the underlying public chain.

Throughout the encrypted money market, block chain projects and platforms basically follow the development logic of “bottom public chain → solutions → industry applications “, which is equivalent to the upstream and downstream relationship of an industry. The underlying common chain is the basis, the solution expands the performance, or facilitates the commercial application built on the common chain, on which the large-scale application of the block chain can really develop.

At present, although the blockchain has entered the 3.0 era, and the application scenarios integrating various physical fields are increasing, the entire industry is still in its infancy, and there seem to be many applications. In fact, if there is no safe, reliable and efficient public chain, , The story similar to the collapse of Ethereum by CryptoKitties will repeat itself.

The birth of the cultural tourism public chain may break the difficulties of the public chain. CTC does not want to be a simple blockchain + cultural tourism platform, but strives to build a global digital cultural tourism ecosystem based on blockchain technology, and uses a more scientific token economic system to provide global high-quality scenic spots and traditional cultural tourism industry Empowerment.

Any ecosystem has its own goal, it does not haunt the details, it is a computer, mobile phone operating system, all applications are running on it, the operating system is very important, but not so conspicuous, like moisturizing all things silent spring rain, In the spring rain system, everything in the world began to recover and thrive.

CTC the premise of ensuring the security of the chain data in the scenic area, the economic logic of the block chain technology is emphasized. What we have to do is focus on the blockchain technology of scenic area resources, which will meet the following requirements:

1. Concurrency and linear expansion

Develop excellent algorithms, support large-scale task processing, solve technical problems of network congestion, and support up to one million levels of trading volume per second.

2. Low delays

Task processing speed is the difficulty of block chain technology at present. Ensure a good user experience, ensure that the delay time is reduced to the same level as the ViLT, enhance the competitiveness of the platform.

3. Safety and reliability

Focus on the development of confidential and tamper-proof.

High concurrency, high performance, and security have built the foundation for the sustainable development and large-scale commercial use of the CTC digital cultural tourism ecosystem. Since the launch of the cultural tourism public chain in August 2019, based on the advancement of the global strategy, there have been 14 global scenic spots that meet the public chain standards and we have reached a consensus on scenic resources on the chain, providing tourists with a wealth of valuable scenic spots Transaction services.

The CTC Cultural Tourism Public Chain has implemented applications such as the issuance of exclusive tokens for resources on the chain, blockchain native resource circulation transactions, priority on the chain of digital rights and interests resources, and batches of high and low value scenic resources on the chain. The chain technology realizes the state of interconnection between the chains, without the need for relevant cooperation under the chain, and the users of each chain and the circulating assets are shared with each other, thereby promoting the overall asset circulation efficiency.

In the future, based on the rigid demand of cultural and tourism digitization, there will continue to be new side chains issued on the CTC cultural and tourism public chain, and it is completely possible to realize the integration of ten thousand chains from the technical and ecological application level. At the same time, each side chain issuance is a value investment opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It’s just a matter of how big or small the opportunity is. These scenic Tokens are all usable, value-added, and long-term real token assets.

From the analysis of the three elements of the success of ancient Chinese art of war, we can see the bright prospects of CTC. The emerging business trend of the digital economy is the time, the technical and operational team is strong and the people, and the geographical advantage is the physical scenic spots on the public chain all over the world. In the future, a public chain plus unlimited side chains will form a diversified portfolio ecosystem, realizing traffic interoperability, value building, and ultimately a distributed digital cultural tourism business nation that radiates the world and benefits hundreds of millions of people.

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