Hovair Systems Launches Advanced Ergonomic Equipment for Heavy Loads in the Entertainment Business

Washington, United States, 21st June 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Hovair Systems, a leading provider of innovative material handling equipment, today announced the launch of its next-generation ergonomic equipment specifically designed for the entertainment industry. This new line of products addresses the unique challenges faced by professionals working with heavy sets, props, and lighting equipment, promoting safety and efficiency in fast-paced production environments.

We understand the demanding nature of the entertainment industry,” says a spokesperson for Hovair Systems. “Our new ergonomic equipment solutions are built to alleviate the physical strain associated with handling heavy loads, allowing crews to focus on their creativity and deliver exceptional productions.”

Hovair Systems’ advanced ergonomic equipment lineup for the entertainment business includes Air Caster Systems, HoverMat Systems, Lifter Slings, Air Bags, and Ergonomic Dollies and Hand Trucks.

Utilizing a thin film of air to create a cushion between the load and the floor, air casters significantly reduce friction, enabling effortless movement of even the heaviest sets and equipment. This minimizes the risk of injuries often associated with manual lifting and maneuvering.

HoverMat Systems are modular platforms that incorporate air casters within their structure, creating a portable and versatile solution for moving heavy objects across various surfaces. HoverMats are ideal for set construction, equipment placement, and stage reconfigurations.

Designed for precise lifting and positioning, Lifter Slings and Air Bags conform to the shape of the load, ensuring secure handling and stability. They are perfect for maneuvering delicate props, lighting fixtures, and other sensitive equipment.

Hovair Systems offers a range of ergonomic dollies and hand trucks specifically designed for the entertainment industry. These equipment pieces incorporate features like adjustable handles, padded support surfaces, and pneumatic tires to reduce strain and fatigue during transport.

The benefits of Hovair Systems’ ergonomic equipment extend beyond improved safety and reduced physical strain. Effortless movement of heavy loads translates to faster setup and breakdown times, optimizing production schedules and saving valuable time. Furthermore, the controlled movement facilitated by air casters and HoverMats minimizes the risk of accidental bumps and scrapes, protecting valuable sets, props, and equipment.

Hovair Systems’ commitment to innovation extends to its dedication to customer service. The company offers comprehensive training programs to ensure users are comfortable and proficient in operating their equipment. Additionally, Hovair Systems provides ongoing support and maintenance services to maximize the lifespan and performance of their products.

About Hovair Systems

Hovair Systems is a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of innovative material-handling equipment. With a focus on ergonomics and safety, Hovair Systems’ solutions empower businesses across various industries to move heavy loads efficiently and safely. The company is committed to providing exceptional customer service and ongoing support, ensuring a positive and productive experience for its clients.

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