Dementia Prevention Memory Training Coach Rena Yudkowsky – Interview Launched

The newly launched episode provides listeners with actionable tips and strategies for improving their memory and preventing dementia.

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The latest research shows that around six million people in the US suffer from dementia. Memory loss can be a frightening experience both for the individual in question and their family. The newly launched episode from Giant Builders aims to help people improve their lifestyles to ward off symptoms.

Dementia is a collection of conditions caused by damage to the brain, which can result for a variety of reasons. Those suffering from dementia usually experience memory loss and struggle to follow conversations.

As science evolves and experts learn more about dementia, studies have shown that it’s possible to adjust lifestyle choices to reduce the risk of getting it. It’s here where the latest episode can help, as Rena Yudkowsky, a memory coach, discusses brain training and lifestyle adjustment in detail.

She explains that many people get worried when they start to forget where they put their keys, wallet, or glasses. However, this is often a focus and attention problem rather than a memory issue.

The episode offers tips for improving focus and gaining greater clarity so that people don’t forget personal items so much during the day. This includes eliminating multitasking and using the senses.

Those worried about their memory are encouraged to say a phrase when they carry out an action like putting down their keys. The audio cue can trigger the necessary memory when it’s time to recall where the keys are.

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The memory coach states: “If someone’s caring for a parent or a grandparent that has dementia, they’re so afraid that they’re going to end up like that. While there is a genetic link, prevailing research shows that you can beat the genetics with lifestyle factors.”

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