Baby Starlink Doge Displayed On The NASDAQ Giant Screen

On July 10, Baby Starlink Doge was successfully displayed on the NASDAQ Giant Screen. NASDAQ Giant Screen, located in the heart of New York’s Times Square in the United States, is the convergence point for world’s wealth and art, and it is often dubbed as “The Crossroads of the World”. Brands that are displayed on the NASDAQ semi-cylindrical giant screen are recognized globally.

On July 10, Baby Starlink Doge successfully made it to the NASDAQ Giant Screen, which is regarded as a landmark moment for them. Baby Starlink Doge can be used in banking, financial technology and services. While simplifying payment methods, it also simplifies transactions, simplifying data across the financial system.

Not only that, it can also facilitate transfer of property or land using blockchain, transfer of personal data, including but not limited to medical records, educational records and personal information, registration of ownership of intangible assets such as intellectual property to prove who, when and where the asset was created.

John Joe, a top executive from Baby Starlink Doge said that the cryptocurrency makes it possible to own a special property or part of a product, such as gold or other rare metals, diamonds and rare jewelry and can be applied to simplify freight or logistics insurance. It can also be used for global supply chain management, including gems, food, clothing, production, and luxury goods.

Baby Starlink Doge also aims to make a contribution to reducing space waste. The company is willing to work for Starlink and spaceX’s payment system. The company will develop new clean energy currencies for reducing pollution and protecting the space environment.

About the Company

Baby Starlink Doge is a community-focused and decentralized cryptocurrency.

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