AOFEX Establishes Japan Branch to Implement Its Globalization

AOFEX has officially established its Japan Branch on September 16, 2021 to start its business in Japan and further develop the market in Asia. To celebrate the establishment of AOFEX’s Japan Branch and express our gratitude to our users, AOFEX gives away 200,000 USDT (Find our more benefits at the end of the article).

Since its launch on September 2nd, the Canadian branch of AOFEX has carried out various digital asset businesses in an orderly manner, deepened its localization strategy, and provided local users with high-quality digital financial services. Up to now, AOFEX has gained the trust and support of more than 50,000 Canadian users. The establishment of the Japan Station is another milestone in the implementation of the “AOFEX Global Strategic Plan”. In the AOFEX business strategy and user expectations, AOFEX will steadily develop upwards and achieve a global layout.


AOFEX, based in London, the United Kingdom, is a global leading service platform of digital assets with security. Engage in finance and technology for many years, the core staff of AOFEX have provided technology and business consultation services for a large number of financial institution, and accumulated rich experience in risk control and management. AOFEX has introduced the world’s top risk control system of bank securities, adopted underlying security technologies, established an internal supervision and warning system, as well as built a risk reserve mechanism to provide users with a more secure cryptocurrency trading environment.

To follow the mission of “including more people into the digital finance”, and insist on the vision of “being the most influential digital financial platform to provide service for 10 million institutional investors and qualified investors”, AOFEX has received the MSB license for digital currency trading and can provide 24-hour services for 1.7 million users.

AOFEX Development

To promote the leading service of digital assets with security to the world, accurately attract more users, and obtain more digital financial resources. In 2021, AOFEX will further promote the business, fully launch the global strategic plan, and establish more branches in different countries around the world, bringing qualify services to more regions.

The establishment of Japan Branch will provide cryptocurrency services to users in Japan and other Asian regions, which is another localized service after Canada Branch.

Establish branches in more countries/regions

To implement this Plan, AOFEX, based on the service system, cryptocurrency industry, and market demands, strives to offer local services in countries and regions, enriches local blockchain asset exchange service with the guidance of local policies, and provides diverse and comprehensive trading products and quality financial services for global users at the bigger picture.

Provide professional services based on the practical situations in Japan

For cryptocurrency regulation, Japan leads the way. In April 2017, Japan has enacted the Amended Fund Settlement Act on cryptocurrencies. More laws have been implemented, such as the Fund Settlement Implementation Act, Decrees on Cryptocurrency Exchange by the Industry Cabinet Office and other related regulations. At the same time, the Financial Services Agency also issued a number of guidelines and decrees to support the specific implementation of such regulations. To accelerate the application of cryptocurrency, relevant regulations have contributed to the compilation of other laws and regulations, such as the Financial Commodity Exchange Act and the Banking Act. In this case, AOFEX will develop a digital asset service system suitable for the local development based relevant policies.

For asset services, nearly $100 million of digital assets on crypto exchanges in Japan were hacked, triggering panic. AOFEX always values the security. As AOFEX launches its branch in Japan, it will bring safe and reliable services to users and develop local digital finance.

Integrate with the platform’s ecosystems to enhance value

Expanding businesses——OT is a digital asset on ERC20 issued by AOFEX. The application scenarios of OT cover all products and rights and interests on the platform, including but not limited to deducting fees, obtaining airdrop rewards, preferential purchase of hot saving products, bonus rebate, positions and mining, AP integration branch, etc. As AOFEX is growing, its OT businesses are expanding to improve the ecosystem of AOFEX. 

With the business development and layout of AOFEX and growing OT, AOFEX ecosystem will be improved a lot in a short time. Since the establishment of Canada Branch, OT has gone up steadily, with an increase of 159.12% in 30 days, quoting 6.7513 USDT now. As OT goes up steadily and its mechanism is being improved, AOFEX ecosystem will also grow bigger, to contribute to the mutual development.

Expanding Business scope ——OT (Option Token) is a digital asset issued by AOFEX based on ERC20, covering all businesses of the platform in the world. The functions of OT cover all products and rights and interests in the platform, including but not limited to: deducting fees, obtaining air drop awards, preferential purchase of hot financial products, bonus rebate, mining, AP integration branch, etc.

With the development of AOFEX, more abundant business scope of OT will be explored, developing the AOFEX ecology.

Well-performed deflation mechanism——To increase the ecological value of OT, the platform will establish a sound deflation mechanism, and adopt the mode of burning before output, where the amount of burning is ≧ the amount of output. After the launch of OT, the circulation volume on the secondary market does not exceed 20% (20 million) of the total amount, until the total amount reaches 20 million. AOFEX exchange uses 20% of profits from transaction fees per month to repurchase OT from secondary markets and burn it. Besides, OT is burnt along with the launch of new projects. Through burning by repurchase and listing, the total amount of OT is decreased to improve its scarcity, provide stable necessities and accelerate the burning schedule, build a complete token economy system, and enable OT and AOFEX ecosystem to appreciate greatly. Until now, AOFEX has destroyed 8,844,820 OT in total.

Diverse features——OT is now used for voting, payment, lockup or holding positions. OT holders can enjoy corresponding rights and benefits, and are supported by AOFEX’s platform value. At the same time, due to the inelastic demand of project parties and comments, OT circulating amount will be reduced to create long-term and stable good situation. With the global strategic plan, AOFEX ecosystem scenarios are gradually implemented and OT will be adopted in all scenarios to empower the eocsystem and create values.

AOFEX’s Benefits

To celebrate the establishment of AOFEX’s Japan Branch and express our gratitude to our users, AOFEX gives away 200,000 USDT.

During the activity, users can go to the Telegram bot via our announcement or other social media platforms and complete the first 4 tasks sent by the bot to obtain 3 USDT, with 50,000 USDT in total. Trade to win 2 USDT, with 50,000 USDT in total. To win more rewards, invite your friends to complete tasks and share 100,000 USDT. The referral is directly proportional to the rewards. 200,000 USDT in total!
Thanks for your long-term support and trust! AOFEX strives to provide you with more secure and better digital assets service.

Participants: All users signed up on AOFEX

Time: 17:00, September 16, 2021 – 17:00, September 23, 2021 (GMT+8)

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AOFEX will continue to improve the local development strategy in Japan and insist on providing users with the fastest, safest and most professional digital financial services. At the same time, it will continue to promote the global strategy, build branches around the world, develop customized services and make digital finance benefit the common people.

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